What I Bought from Vegetaryn – Vegan Apparel

I recently found an adorable, cute, and funny vegan apparel business online and after a few months of following @Vegetaryn on Instagram; I was finally ready to make a purchase. This purchase would not only benefit me, but also help out the vegan movement, and a fellow vegan.

My goal was to purchase one shirt and a reusable tote bag. After more than a few minutes of looking through awesomely designed tees, I finally picked THE one. It was a hard choice, I wanted ALL of them and I fell in love with the FRUITS, VEGAN Nasa, and Not Milk tees. I do plan on eventually buying all the tees I just mentioned but for my first purchase, I kept it simple. 

I bought the Vegan NASA by @BasicVeganBitch. I’m usually anywhere between a size M and L, so I ordered a Large, just to be safe. Next I found a basic, cute, eco-friendly and straight to the point reusable tote bag. It reads, “Lettuce Eat Plants”. Isn’t that cute? 

The items came fast, within a weeks time. My NASA-inpsired tee is super soft and big on me, since I ordered a Large. No worries, as I do prefer baggier clothes. It’s super soft and “is hand-printed in Los Angeles using vegan and eco-friendly inks!” (Vegetaryn) It’s the perfect tee to throw on and get chores done around the house, or even a day out and about. Super comfortable. 

The tote bag is the perfect size. I really wish I would have ordered more! This tote bag truly is perfect for a quick run into the grocery store, or heading over to the Farmer’s Market and loading up on kale, celery, and herbs for juicing later. In fact, with this tote bag, I was able to make a quick trip to Whole Foods and fit two packs of Beyond Meat Burgers, hamburger buns, a bag of salt & vinegar chips, vegan donuts, and a large bottled drink. The only problem is that I am not used to bringing in my own reusable bags at this point, so occasionally I forget my bag at home and have to carry my items by hand, in plastic, or paper bags. These are truly palm in face moments.

Overall, I am completely satisfied with my order. Shipping fee wasn’t too expensive, the quality of the tee shirt is great, including the hand-printed decal, and I already put another order in for an additional Lettuce Eat Plants tote bag. I look forward to making future purchases from Vegetaryn.com, as I love helping fellow vegans, humans, animals, and small businesses. It’s nothing but rainbows and butterflies over here now.

If you’re interested in buying any of the items I purchased or want to purchase something else from the site, the links are listed below:

Where To Buy (affiliate link) – http://www.vegetaryn.com?rfsn=1825554.bc70ed

Vegan NASA by @BasicVeganBitch – http://bit.ly/2QpkXGX

Lettuce Eat Plants Tote Bag – http://bit.ly/2DRpdYS

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