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Since I went vegan in 2016, I have spent more time in the kitchen than ever before. I have learned to cook a variety of food, all thanks to not having many vegan options near me at the time. I learned how to veganize just about ANY recipe with simple substitutions. For example, if any recipe calls for cow’s milk, I have the option of substituting this ingredient with any plant-based milk, like coconut milk, almond milk, and even soy milk.

What I have learned is that anything could be veganized, I just needed patience and time spent in the kitchen to make that happen. As a result, my partner was able to go vegan along with me because he was beyond satisfied with the veganized meals I began making.

Initially, I learned how to veganize all my favorite meals. This meant that I could still feel like I wasn’t giving anything up while making the vegetarian to vegan transition. And to my surprise, it was one of the easiest things I have ever done! No joke. It’s because I found it easier to think about animals as friends and not food. The only hard part for me is cooking. I am still learning to love cooking. I think the dirty dishes and potential of making bad tasting food has me not truly enjoying myself, yet.

Nonetheless, I have put myself in the kitchen, time and time again, to not only feed my family, but also to create 100% plant-based meals that do not lack in flavor. After all, “meat” technically does not taste good; as long as you’re not asking a lion or cannibal. People marinate and season their favorite “meat” with plants! That should tell you something.

So, I want to help people realize that there is more to plant-based meals than salads. There is SO much more out there! Bad and good plant-based foods. There are many new flavors, fruits, and veggies that aren’t ever explored, considered, and/or tried because of our typical western way of eating. I encourage you to try to ditch all products in your meals (over time, at your own pace) and find friendlier, kinder, and tastier options.

Let’s get our aprons on and start creating love in the kitchen! Below you’ll find all my favorite veganized recipes from “veteran” Vegans and even my very own recipes that I managed to create or was given to by my family. The majority of these recipes are perfect comfort transitioning meals to incorporate into your diet. This means that they are veganized versions of all the “cheat day” types of meals. Mac and cheese, deep fried foods, and dipping sauces. All the foods that make your tastebuds happy but not necessary your doctor. With that being said, don’t junk out too much and enjoy!

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