Urban Gardening

Plant Things: Urban Gardening

A bit before going vegan, I had tried starting a Patio Garden in our apartment. My partner and I built a raised garden bed from discounted wood at Home Depot. We bought soil and about a dozen edible plants, like basil, rosemary, jalapeño, and cilantro. Between my dog Drake eating a few of our plants, a few days of forgetting to water them, and what seemed to be hundreds of ants and mosquitos making their new home on our patio; the garden failed and everything died.

Soon after becoming vegan, I was inspired to start another patio garden and began collecting cuttings from plants outside, from my Mother’s and Tia’s gardens to even the landscaping outside of our apartments; I pretty much collected cuttings from anywhere I could find near me. Within a few months, we bought a house and I finally had a place other than pots for my new babies. During the move and shortly after, many of my cuttings died but my partner and I were not discouraged.

That summer of 2017 we planted a variety of seeds like, cantaloupe, squash, lavender, marigolds, and more. From there on out, we have been expanding our edible garden from just a small spot in the backyard to about 10 raised garden beds in the front and back yards. We have grown a variety of edible herbs, fruits, and vegetables the last two years.

There truly is so much joy and appreciation in growing your own food. We don’t use any pesticides in our garden. All little pests (ants, aphids, birds, and caterpillars) are hand-picked off, shooed away, blasted with the water hose, and/or relocated elsewhere to give our plants the highest success rate of growing luscious green leaves and delicious fruits and vegetables in the city of Phoenix. This is what we call, “coexisting”.

On top of working on our edible urban garden, we have now incorporated plants inside our house! Let me tell you, indoor gardening has proven more difficult than an outdoor garden, in my experience.

There is still a lot for us to learn but we are willing to try, fail, learn, try again, and succeed! Have questions or suggestions, please contact me! I’d love all the help I can get and would love to share my journey with those who are curious. Enjoy!