New Month, New Week, New Beginnings

Hello October.

It would appear that today is the best day to begin something, anything. And here in Arizona, it has been a rainy cloudy day; my favorite. So, I decided to commit to a few things today.

One of those things is eating healthier. Many people think just because I am vegan that I am healthy. That is WAY beyond the truth. Each meal is prepared with only taste in mind, and I can see how that can be bad for my health.

Another commitment is being more active in a day. Start exercising and work on strengthening my knees. I currently suffer from daily chronic pains that only seems to get worse as the years go by. Now is the time to fix this! Today, I begin with 100 squats per day and as I begin to get motivated, I plan on adding other activities to my day. Such as hiking, yoga, and meditation.

Finally, I’d like to get back in the kitchen. Over the summer, I became very lazy about cooking and preparing meals. The lack of motivation has caused me to become bored with my meals. I need to spice things up. So, this morning I dusted off our juicer (it’s been years since I have used it) and decided to make a green juice. This was followed up with a delicious chickpea scramble (a first time for me). Although I was unmotivated to make these healthier options today, I forced myself instead of giving in and as a result, it led me to make better healthier decisions throughout the day. I did eventually make myself two pumpkin lattes BUT I made my meals interesting and fun today. I even made a quick chickpea tuna salad and substituted the mayo for avocado. SO GOOOOD!!

Each commitment was created to enrich my life and to encourage me to make better healthier habits, especially since my birthday is sixty days away! That alone, should be enough motivation to get myself moving in the direction I have always dreamed for myself. Happy October First, Everyone.

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