Happy New Year: It’s time to get productive, first stop, IKEA!

Happy New Year!

We are approaching the second week of the year and I feel pretty productive at this point. Usually, I make goals, which usually consisted of exercising and being more active. I fail every time. It starts off great and then by the end of the month, I get lazy. Every time. This time around, I decided to make more practical goals for the new year. Most of my goals involve self growth and declutting the house.

So I decided to start with the goals that I had the least resistance. First off, declutter! What motivated me even more was the fact that my boyfriend and I had seen a show on Netflix called “Tidying Up” the first week of January. It was perfect timing. The way the host, Marie Kondo, breaks down tidying up is genius. It’s common sense, actually. Yet it was all new information to me and I was excited to get to work.

The next day, we went to IKEA to look for inspiration, storage bins, boxes in a variety of sizes and separators. We didn’t leave with much BUT we left with more ideas of how to organize the house and a full tummy (in case you didn’t know, their Veggie Dogs are Vegan!!).

This declutter/”tidying up” process would be broken up into categories: Clothes, Kitchen, Paper, etc. Now comes the action part of goal setting. This week, I plan on hitting the kitchen hard. It’s so cluttered and I always envisioned my kitchen to be clean, with spotless floors, nothing on the countertops, no dirty dishes, inside plants everywhere, you know, perfect!

I have already jumped into the clothes portion, and I’m happy to be getting rid of everything that does not “Spark Joy” and also grateful for all that I have had in my life. I look forward to sharing the process and the end results.

Until next time, I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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