Current Read: The Artist’s Way

Another goal for this year is to begin reading again. Last year I made the same goal and managed to read three books: Romeo & Juliet, The Four Agreements, and The Autobiography of a Yogi. I only finished the first two books and paused on the last book mentioned. From there, I lived the remainder of the year without reading. Although I stopped reading, I did begin to write and record my thoughts; which was quite a win for me. It taught me that I had a lot to say and a yearning to learn more about spirituality, life, self-love, and more. This led me back to my original goal. I must begin reading more. With more reading comes a fulfillment in my yearning for knowledge.

With that being said, The Artist’s Way came to my door by the first week of January. All thanks to my cousin, who had asked me in December before Christmas, if I had ever read the book. He told me it was a book to help with writer’s block, which I was currently going through. I began getting more involved with my website and adding blogs but it was hard to create content. Content that I was happy to create and share. It was like a sign. A sign telling me that reading this book could possibly be a great tool to start writing and blogging more. Plus, the book was all about being creative. Which just so happened to be the theme of my podcast, Catching Creativity. It definitely was looking like this was meant to be. Although, I can be such a picky reader.

So I glanced through the paperback copy he owned with little interest and was surprised to get a glimpse of the words, “creator”, “higher source”, and “god”. How could these words possibly be linked to being creative and trying to break writer’s block? As I skimmed through the book, my cousin then asked me if I would want to read the book. I immediately said, “Yes”. He then took out his phone and ordered me a copy that would be shipped to my house. How awesome is he? Extremely, that’s how much.

The book arrived later than expected and by that time, I was not ready to begin reading. I spent the first month organizing the house and finding what items “sparked joy” (Tidying Up with Marie Kondo). Towards the end of January, my palms started itching for a good read. I asked my online friends to recommend books and received great suggestions. As I looked into some of these books, I could not help but think about the book my cousin had bought me.

Finally, Saturday morning arrived and I had a lot of free time. I opened the window blinds and grabbed the book. I sat on the couch in front of the window and began to read out loud. I read and read and read until my mouth became dry. I took a break for water and then began reading again. Slowly my attention and focus began fading and I knew I had to put the book down. I sat there for a while, thinking about what I had read and began planning for tomorrow’s “Morning Pages”; a task I was eager to begin.

Sunday morning rain woke me up and I was ready with a black ink pen and fresh notebook. The goal to “Morning Pages” is to write three pages of whatever is on you mind, everyday. Whether it consists of complaints or positive ideas, the goal is just to write it all down. Also, you are not to read any of these journal entries. Not until about a couple of months after starting the Morning Pages. I know, crazy!

I found myself in the backyard, sitting near the bench while rain lightly poured all over the garden. There I felt calm, peace, and readiness. It was time… I wrote down everything. All the thoughts that were cooped up in my head were being released so freely onto my college ruled notebook. What a great feeling for only being day one of writing Morning Pages.

All in all, I think I am going to enjoy this book. It does require “class work” but I think that will only help me to be involved and willing to learn something new in order to get the results I want; a creative being that can create content to inspire others. I look forward to reading this book and sharing the process and affects, writing Morning pages, and going on Artist’s Dates. Wish me luck that all goes well.

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