About Me

Here’s What to Know About Me

“Yvette, why did you go vegan?”

The simple answer is that I went vegan for the animals but witnessing my beloved fur baby die in my arms was the true catalyst.

I have always been a very sensitive person and especially to animals. I have cared for many animals, big and small. I always dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. I would have been, “Yvette the vet”. That dream was crushed when I learned about euthanasia. I could never! I learned very quickly that I did not see animals like society saw them but still, I was raised to eat animals. This was the “circle of life”, and I learned to accept it. Eventually, I learned to enjoy all the meaty and cheesy Mexican dishes of my culture, and so much more. I was ignorant to the truth and horror behind the meat, dairy, and egg industries. 

When I lost my Drakie poo (my fur baby), something about his death left me feeling empty. He was sick with some kind of cancer  and the medicines were not working. He ultimately passed away on the living room floor. We cried, we comforted him, and ultimately ended up shaken. His last breath will stay with me forever. Seeing the life leave his eyes, opened up my vision.

I did not understand it then but once we adopted our newest fur baby, Luna, I began to make the connection. My four legged companions truly felt emotions and so did other sentient beings. Soon, meat became rotting flesh in my eyes. I started looking at meat for what it truly was, dead animals. All I knew at this point was that killing an animal was definitely not humane. That meat IS murder. 

In November of 2015, I finally went vegetarian. I felt great and I even began documenting my journey of “giving up meat”. All was good until a friend questioned me on why I wasn’t vegan instead?  I never considered “becoming vegan”. Not being able to have milk and eggs seemed impossible! I thought this was still okay because collecting eggs from chickens and milk from cows did not cause death or harm, right?!

So, I decided to do further research on veganism. That is where my true transitioning began. The images, the videos, the cries for help, the facts… There they were and I was finally facing them. There was no escaping the truth. I realized as a vegetarian, my decision to continue consuming milk and eggs still had horrible consequences. These simple satisfying flavors and textures were much more than that. They were souls, sentient beings, victims. I cried for days, weeks… I felt so betrayed and blind. As an animal lover, how could I really contribute to this?!

It was January 2016 and I was mad. Mad at myself and society. Hunting is surviving. I was raised to believe this but this… factory farming. This was truly evil. I just could not believe that in this present time, “we still need to kill in order to survive”. We still need to eat other sentient beings in order to survive. We are incredibly intelligent beings. Why can’t we find another way?

As I obsessed to learn more about a plant-based diet, I was given hope of a better tomorrow. After experiencing a roller coaster of emotions, I finally had some comfort. By removing all animal products and by-products, I would end my contribution to those industries. I promised, I would never knowingly cause that kind of harm again.

To keep this promise, it would all start in the kitchen. I threw everything away that contained suffering: Butter, milk, cheese, chicken bouillon, sauces, pasta, everything. I vowed to check the ingredients list for eggs, milk, gelatin, and animal meat before purchasing. I challenged myself to get off my lazy butt and get in the kitchen! Get creative! Start Cooking. First goal, veganize ALL my favorite non vegan recipes.

It’s been over four years and so happy with my lifestyle changes. This is a community of love and not judgment. If you are not vegan, please know that I am not judging you and everyone is welcomed! After all, it only took me 28 years to “make the connection”. 

I went vegan for the animals, to end suffering, and to truly be an animal lover. I did not know that going vegan would also benefit my health, people, the environment, and so much more. It’s a win, win, win, win, win for everyone. In the end, I am vegan for everything and everyone. This is my contribution to our beautiful Mother Earth and all her beings. What small or big choices are you making today to help humanity, your family, the planet, yourself, etc.?

With love and compassion,